§ Reservations

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X § Google Map
  • City Resort
    5-minute driving distance from Daya Interchange / Situated on 25-meter four-lane Duhua Road / Yizhong St. Commercial District, Fengchia Night Market, National Museum of Natural Science, Tunghai University, Taichung Metropolitan Park, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Shopping District.
  • Northbound and Southbound Visitors

  • National Freeway 1 → Daya Interchange → Jhongcing Road (To Downtown Taichung) → Turn left at Dunhua Road → City Resort, Taichung.
  • Mass Transportation
  • 7-minute walk from Houjhuangzih bus stop to City Resort,Taichung.
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichungi Station
    25-minute driving distance from THSR TAICHUNG STATION to City Resort,Taichung.
  • Cingchuankang Regional Airport
    30-minute driving distance from the Airport to City Resort,Taichung.